Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Dengue Saga

Once upon a time, there was a kind

And it was called the ‘humans’

They walked on two legs and ate the bread

They built sky-scrapers and laid on beds

And just for gigs, they occasionally fought

And on serious matters, opinions they sought

And though they thought, they had many a battle won!

But when it came to us, Oh! Boy! Did we win!

We observed them for years,

And their living style,

One thing you have to say for humans,

It was probably the cleanest of all kinds

They also liked to ‘store’ and store a lot they did

Lucky for us, some of them stored waters in uncovered dishes

These dishes would be buckets or vessels in the kitchen

Oh! But for us, they would be the best of ‘trenches’

And we low lying creatures, had nothing better to do

But suck a few humans and of course breed too!

We bred on their storages and lived on their blood,

But little did they know about our small and sweet peck!

When we gave them our kiss, for that teeny-tiny drop of fresh human blood,

We gave them the ‘Dengue’ – we gave them the curse!

If only humans knew how to spread the message,

They might have lived,

But we attacked them with strategy

And in wars some get killed

To give them their fare share,

They did chat and collaborate,

They scrapped, and twittered,

And often poked friends,

But when it came to ‘real’ message,

Boy oh Boy! Did they dither!

Or maybe they just sucked,

What an irony, as we also ‘suck’!

In retrospect, we didn’t do much,

We simply continued to ‘suck’

The irresponsible, uninformed humans did the rest

We still thank them much

When the word of ‘Dengue’ spread

Few knew of blood groups and platelets

Lucky for us, not all doctors and patients are alike

While some doctors left out repeat tests, patient’s never asked ‘what next’?

And then there was the really educated class

Which prescribed themselves medicines on doctor’s behalf,

Oh! what a cocktail of mess we had!

And it made us giddy!

We went out sucking

In ones, twos, and threes!

We had so much to choose from, often we would toss

But most often than not, we all got a lot

An immune system down due to painkillers

Fashion frenzy – cut sleeve dress in a cinema

Pitchers of water to swam and breed

Oh! It must have been our good karma

Little by little, our menace spread

And in hospitals, there weren’t any beds left

We hung around windows, missing our bloody diet!

While the patient’s put on a brave fight

We did help humans in at least one way

They now reached out to strangers

To give blood away

However, for a few innocent

It was late,

Our ‘Dengue’ had done wonders

And taken a life away

If today you ask us, ‘Would you have things differently?’

We shall say ‘Yes!’ not thinking twice!

For we didn’t realize,

No Humans – no sweet blood!

And now we miss out humans

And wish they were here

But to doctor’s and patient’s they should hear

So that we both can live in harmony

And peace shall prevail

We suck a few humans, while some take care

With that this Saga comes to end,

Hope humans had the time to mend

Composed in interest of controlling and eradicating ‘Dengue’ - Please consult your Physician on preventive measures for Dengue.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


क्यों दर्द का एहसास ज़रूरी है, दिल की मौजादगी पता करना के लिए,
क्यों उदासी की ज़रुरत है, अकलेपन के लिए
क्यों किसी का साथ ज़रूरी है, ज़िन्दगी के लिए
क्यों साथ छूटना ज़रूरी है, किसी की वकत जान्ने के लिए,

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


१। हमे जगाये भी रखा और ख़ुद भी न आए
सितमगर तुम्हे नींद तो आए पर माशूक के ख्वाब न आयें....

२। आँखें तेरी झलक को तरस रही हैं
होठों पर हँसी रुकी सी है है
समय बढ़ता भी नही और सांसें चल रही हैं
यह रात है की अब कटती नही
तुम आ भी जाओ यह कहना क्या बाकी है अभी?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Cold Winter

Time seemed to have frozen
Each breath more painful than the other
The numb inside colder than the outside
The whitesheet like a drape o'er the dead....

Blankness abodes the mind
Like the mist hanging over the lake
Nothing in sight
and yet everything is where it is supposed to be

The silence echos out loud
Like the screeches of a hungry and lost fawn
No sound escapes the mouth
The tears long gone

This winter will stay longer
But it will someday pass on...

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Lonely Road

Into the lonely forests the heart travels
Letting out an occasional sigh

It pains for the loss of none
It beats for no soul divine

The treacherous road has seen all
Yet it waits... waits for the traveler to come

It is not for the path to wish for a caravan's trail
It is not for it to follow behind

The wind that blows and the sky that looms above
They see all, bear all together
And still the road curves ahead...
Twisting like a snake praying for a prey

But loneliness stays on...
Long after the winds calm down
And the clouds clear
It is the inseparable partner
It is always there.....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

रुकी सी ज़िंदगी

एक मुर्झिल सी पगडण्डी पर आज नज़र पड़ी
देखा तो लगा पहले तो नही थी

फिर आवाज़ आई ...यही तो ज़िंदगी रही
दिल ठहर गया... आखें खुली सी गयीं
यह मैं कहाँ थी ? यह किसकी ज़िंदगी ?
न कहीं सूरज का पता था... ना ही कहीं चन्द्रमा की शीतलता थी...
यहाँ तो बंज़र ज़मीन थी और कुछ भी नही

अँधेरे में सहारे को ढूंढते से हाथ आगे बढे
एक रुन्धी सी चीख गले सी निकली
नहीं ! नहीं जीनी यह ज़िंदगी ऐसी ज़िंदगी बेजान ज़िंदगी

तब अहसास हुआ ,
यूँ नही कि दिल खुश नही पर दुःख रहने के सिवा और कोई चाहत नही

एक सिहरन सी दौड़ गयी शारीर में

हाथ मैं खुरपी ले मैंने जंगल उगाया था
अपनी ख़ुशी को द्वार से लौटाया था
रेत मैं पद-चिन्हों को ढूंढ रही थी
सांझ को रात समझ रही थी
शुष्क पेड़ की तहनियां ही दिखती हैं
पर जड़ें संभालें थी... उम्मीद में जिंदा थीं

एक और सपने को मार नही सकती मैं
कुछ और पेड़ उखाड़ नही सकती मैं
इस घर और बंजर बना नही सकती मैं
यूं खुद को और मार नही सकती मैं

अब इस अध्याय का अंत यहीं होगा
पतझड़ तुम जाओ
बंसंत तुम्हारा कब सुखद आगमन होगा?
यह घर अब और नही रीता होगा ...
यह घर अब और नही रीता होगा...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

यूं ही ....

लिखने का मन है पर अलफ़ाज़ कम हैं ...
हालात को बयाँ करने के लिए उम्र कम है

वोह काफ़िर खुश तो है आज मगर जिंदा नही
मैं मर कर भी जिन्दगी जीती रही

उस ज़ुल्मी का साथ नही यूं खुश हूँ
रोती हूँ मगर उस माशूक कि बेरहमी तले

तराशने चला था वो सौदागर मुझे
टुकरे-टुकरे कर गया
मेरा वजूद, इधर कहीँ भिखर गया

चुन -चुन कर जोढ़ूँ , उस जर -जर शरीर को या मिट जाऊं मिट्टी में मुझे क्या पता
एक -दिल था ,पत्थर का , वोह उसे भी तोढ़ कर कहीँ चला गया ...